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KKC - Quinn Huntley App by SwiftyNifty KKC - Quinn Huntley App by SwiftyNifty

... I like making characters.


Name: Quinn Huntley
Nickname: Quil, Hunter, Witch
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Species: Cat
Breed: Havana Brown
Occupation: Game Store Employee

[Solitary] - Being a cat who, more often than not, shuns the light, Quinn usually stays indoors and away from the public. She only ever leaves her home reluctantly, when to work or shop. As a result, she is also quite anti-social and doesn't talk much to anyone.

[Spiteful] - Along with avoiding many things, Quinn tends to unnecessarily loath them as well. The slightest off detail of something could send her into a hate spiral, playing along into a grumpy demeanor for the day.
Or even week.

[Devious] - In school, Quinn earned the ever-so flattering nickname 'Witch', for being largely engrossed in magic, hateful, and all-around a loner. She despised the nickname, but somehow grew to love the reputation around it. At first, her peers only teased and made fun of her for being the 'Ugly Witch' in the school, until rumor spread she was an actual magic being that laid curses on her enemies. From that point, most other students were intensely afraid of her, regardless whether they believed the rumor or not. Quinn loved every moment of it, sometimes taking it as far as performing schemes and pranks of witchcraft. Now she almosts prides herself in the nickname, and still loves manipulating others into her tricks.

[Nerdy] - Despite all else, Quinn is actually a pretty much a solid nerd. She enjoys anime, video games and most shows with a large fanbase. She can be a tad of a hipster, though, and scorns the 'mainstream' along with most of its styles.


:bulletblack: Dark Humor
:bulletblack: Magic
:bulletblack: Hoods
:bulletblack: Snakes
:bulletblack: Medieval Ages
:bulletblack: Poking fun at others
:bulletblack: Gaming


:bulletblack: Sports
:bulletblack: Jocks
:bulletblack: Bright light
:bulletblack: Large crowds


:bulletblack: Drowning
:bulletblack: A few various creepypasta characters


:bulletblack: Superstitious (Believes in ghosts, magic, karma)
:bulletblack: Difficult to get along with
:bulletblack: Easily frustrated
:bulletblack: Easily scared


:bulletblack: Very fast and agile
:bulletblack: Clever/Deductive
:bulletblack: Gaming
:bulletblack: Large knowledge of 'spells'

Additional Information-

:bulletblack: Finds a particular charm in Medieval times and loves the theme of it.
:bulletblack: Enjoys roleplay
:bulletblack: Attempts magic at times
:bulletblack: A bit of a hipster

Family: N/A
Relationship Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, however leaning towards Asexual
Lover: None
ShawnSkunk Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013
very cute X3
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